The Donato J. Pugliese Award is given in honor of its namesake, the “Godfather” of SECoPA. Mr. Pugliese gave his time generously to ASPA and SECoPA throughout his lifetime. After his passing in 1985 at the age of 55, this award was created to honor his memory and service, and to honor the SECoPA member that best reflects Mr. Pugliese’s level of commitment to service and encouragement of their colleagues.

Purpose: To honor a senior SECoPA member who has made contributions to the organization and to the profession of public service.

Selection: The nominee varies according to the proclivities of the selection committee – sometimes the award has gone to someone who has worked ‘in the trenches’ for SECoPA for many, many years but has little visibility outside SECoPA. At other times, it has gone to someone who has worked ‘in the trenches’ plus has widespread visibility in the discipline. The committee considers all possible nominees and selects the most deserving person. The committee often looks at names considered in prior years to consider those on the list who have not yet received the award.

Committee Membership: The award is selected by a committee of three, comprised of the previous year’s award winner, the senior ASPA representative from the district, and one member of the SECoPA board appointed by the SECoPA chair. This year’s Pugliese Award Committee members are howard Frank (chair), Stephen Condrey, and Dorothy Norris-Tirrell.

Deadline: The submission date has passed.

Award: The recipient will be presented with a plaque at at the SECoPA awards luncheon.

Past Winners:

1985 –Walter Lambert (Tennessee)

1986 –Jeff Duffey (Florida)

1987 –Fred Carter (South Carolina)

1988 –Tom Vocino (Alabama)

1989 – Don Whitman

1990 –Wynn Teasley (Florida)

1991 –Gus Turnbull (Florida)

1992 –Bill Collins (Mississippi)

1993 –Anne Kilpatrick (South Carolina)

1994 –Bob Whelan (Louisiana)

1995 –Bart Hildreth (Georgia)

1996 –Earle Klay (Florida)

1997 –Janet Patton (Kentucky)

1998 –Tom Lauth (Georgia)

1999 –Bob Cunningham (Tennessee) & Bill Solomon (Florida)

2000 –Arie Halachmi (Tennessee)

2001 –Tom Lynch (Louisiana)

2002 –Mary Taylor (Tennessee)

2003 – Mary Ellen Guy (Florida)

2004 –Glenn Rainey (Kentucky)

2005 –Kathy Hensley (South Carolina)

2006 –Gary Rassel (North Carolina)

2007 –Howard Frank (Florida)

2008 –Claire Mostel (Florida)

2009 –Steven Condrey (Georgia)

2010 –Edward Jennings (Kentucky)

2012 – Kendra Stewart (South Carolina)

2013 – Kim Hoffman (Arkansas)

2014 — Dorothy Norris-Tirrell (Florida)