The Senator Peter B. Boorsma Award is to honor the practitioner or academician for facilitating over a period of many years the international exchange of knowledge and administrative practices that foster better performance in the public sector. The award symbolizes SECoPA’s recognition of the implications of the global village on management and performance in the public sector as well as its commitment to the study and exchange of administrative practices between the USA and other countries.

Purpose: To recognize significant international activity by a public administration academic or practitioner.

Award Committee membership: The SECoPA Chair nominates a Chair and two other members.

Selection: The call for nominations goes out in the spring using PA Times and ASPA’s on-line outlets. There is no budget for purchasing advertising; however, members of the committee are encouraged to write articles for the PA Times in lieu of advertising.  After the deadline for nominations, the committee reviews the nominations and selects the best candidate who meets the criteria. The award does not have to be given out in any year when no nominee record demonstrates satisfactory accomplishment.

Evaluation Criteria: The criteria include a significant and established record of international activities and direct involvement in the international exchange of theory and good public administration practices. Both practitioners and academicians can be nominated for the award.

Presentation: Award with a plaque is given during the conference and the conference registration fee is waived.

About Senator Peter B. Boorsma:

Professor Peter B. Boorsma teaches Public Finance in the Netherlands. He is a former Chair of the Dutch Senate Finance Committee and First Vice President of the Dutch Senate. Professor Boorsma was involved in various projects which involved transplanting best public administration practices from the Netherlands to countries in Eastern Europe, South America, Africa, and the Far East. Professor Boorsma is the recipient of ASPA’s 2005 International Award.  His accomplishments and dedication to improving public administration all over the world brought SECOPA in 2000 to name its own international award after him.

(Approved by SECoPA Board October 5, 2005)

Past Winners:

2001 – Yunwon (Larry) Hwang

2002 – Marc Holzer

2003 – Panagiotis Karkatsoulis

2004 – Arie Halachmi

2005 – Pan Suk Kim

2006 – Ian MacDonald

2007 – Thomas Lynch

2008 – Tom Liou

2009 – Jae Moon

2010 – Allan Rosenbaum

2011 – Ludmila Gajdosova

2012 – Howard Balanoff

2013 — M. Peter van der Hoek

2014 – No Award Presented