“Public Administration” is a field of social science with strong ties to the Southeastern United States. One of its most recognized originators was a native of the South: academic and former U.S. President Woodrow Wilson. We are also home to many of the oldest and most honored institutions focused on the study of the field.

This page is meant to provide resources that offer insight on the origins of SECoPA, as well as prior efforts made by public administration professionals and academics to organize initiatives and conferences that enabled networking, development of knowledge and sharing of ideas.

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Articles of Interest (Click on the Citation to View/Download the Articles as PDFs)

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Pugliese, Donato & Jefferson Duffey. “Leadership Development and Continuity in a Voluntary Participatory Association: The Cast of SECoPA.” Southeastern Review of Public Administration. Fall 1982, pp. 347-361.

Teasley, C.E. III. “Reflections on SECoPA: The Best Region and Conference in ASPA.” Prepared for the 1992 Southeastern Conference for Public Administration (Montgomery, AL).

Thanks to Kathryn Hensley for providing these documents.

Establishment of  SECoPA

The Southeastern Conference for Public Administration (SECoPA) was established in 1978 in order to facilitate the promotion of public administration research, scholarship and professionalism throughout the Southeastern United States.  Prior to its formation, southeastern-based chapters of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) organized annual Southeast Regional Conferences.

The official Articles of Incorporation were adopted on June 23, 1978, and filed September 14, 1978.  The organization was incorporated by faculty from several Florida institutions, including the University of South Florida, University of West Florida and Florida State University. The first (temporary) Chairman was Augustus B. Turnbull, III, and the first (temporary) Secretary was C. E. Teasley, III.

Original 1978 SECoPA Articles of Incorporation (PDF)